Warranty Policy

For most of our products, we state that we have a warranty for them, as to ensure that if something were to happen, parts and products can be replaced free of charge.


The product/part must be broken beyond use, or personal carriers repair.

Scratches, dents, small cracks, paint smudges, electrical delays, and other such things, do not qualify for a a warranty.

Breaks, electrical failures, cut wires, large cracks/rips, and the product being totally broken, do qualify for the warranty. 


1. Send a photo of the broken product/part, and state specifically which part of the product is broken. Ex, wheelchair back rest, left wheelchair armrest. If the item is electrical, you must send a video of the electrical item not functioning at all. You must also provide proof that you purchased with us. This can be a receipt, or your 4 digit order number with your name and date of purchase.  

2. We will review the information sent to us, and make any extra requests, based on what we already received, and judge weather you approve for a replacement.

3. If you are approved, you will receive a tracking code a few days after being notified that you were approved. 


Most of the products we provide offer a 5 year free warranty.